How We Are Closing 15-20 Short Sales Per Month When The Real Estate Business Is Losing There Mind!


The economy is tanking. We've jumped to 10% unemployment in a matter of weeks.

The real estate boom we have enjoyed for the last 7 years is over.

Many economists are predicting the worst recession since the Great Depression, even worse than the Great Recession of 2008. 

Very soon, the only way to make consistent money in this new economic reality is to transition to short sales.  Those of you who were in the business from 2006-2011 remember this well. 

Realtors negotiating short sales on their own, know it can take forever.  You’re on hold for hours with the short sale lenders.  You have to chase your clients for their financial documents.  Nine times out of ten, the short sale bank’s value comes back too high and you end up being stuck with a property that is too expensive to sell in today’s market.  You can put in months and months of work only to have your listing expire or lose the house to a foreclosure auction.  What’s worse is that short sales are a time sucker.  Every hour you spend on hold with the lender means less time you have to find new business.  Having to do the negotiations yourself is like trying to run a race dragging an anchor behind you. 

Let's Face it
Most realtors would rather clean out a grease pit barehanded than do short sales!

Let me show you a better way!  Imagine outsourcing all of the actual negotiations to a company with almost 20 years’ experience.  Imagine being able to focus solely on bringing new clients through the door, without all the headaches.  Sound good?

You’re probably thinking, “That sounds great, but I would probably have to give up half of my commission to this negotiation company, right?”

What if I told you that this negotiation company wouldn’t touch a dime of your commission?  The negotiations would be done at no costs to you! 

Since 2003, we at HB Funding Inc. have done thousands of short sale negotiations.  We’ve made short sales our bread and butter for over 18 years.  We know how to get discounts.  Often, we know the negotiators at the short sale banks personally and have years of equity and trust built up. 

We are ready to be your partner and your best weapon to help you prosper in this frightening time.  Make the right decision and join our team!

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